Search Engine Land’s Guide to PPC
By Ginny Marvin and the Editors of Search Engine Land

Widely popular among digital advertisers, pay-per-click (PPC) has become shorthand for search advertising.

This free guide walks you through the entire process of search advertising – from initial account setup to campaign attribution. Complete with screenshots of AdWords dashboards, the guide is both a tutorial and reference tool to keep handy as you dive into your search campaigns.

Learn the language of search advertising, as well as tactical and strategic approaches for successful campaigns. Confused by all the acronyms? CPC, CPM, DKI, RLSA, PLA…. the list goes on. These terms are all covered, with explanations of everything from basic search campaign settings to automating your ad campaigns.

Written by search experts, Search Engine Land’s Guide to PPC provides a thorough, well-written explanation of how to build out a successful search advertising campaign.

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